Keeping Warm During a Spring Snowstorm by Joelle Friend

Its that time of year when its technically spring, but in the mountains it's still snowy and looks like winter. We decided to change it up a little (and get some well deserved heat) and go find some hot springs in Oregon. After hearing about these hot springs years ago, I finally was able to check them out. I got a group of friends together and we made a road trip out of it with a quick stop in Portland. The next day we woke up early and headed into the mountains. The road started out foggy and misty, the perfect conditions. As we got closer to the hot springs, the rain slowly turned into snow which I was not anticipating. I panicked a little inside, because my car is not 4 wheel drive and doesn't have snow tires. We decided to keep going anyways, whats a good adventure without a bit of risk. We took it slow, and agreed to turn back as soon sit became unsafe.


After following another truck's tracks for a few miles we arrived at the trailhead. The snow was dumping on us at this point, and I put on my winter coat and beanie to stay warm underneath wearing my Prana long sleeve shirt (which is the most comfortable material I have ever felt), and Patagonia shorts. After a couple mile walk through the forest, we finally got to the hot springs. All of them were empty, so we started to fill up one of them and hot water came rushing into the tub. 


I took off the layers and my boots, and I got into the tub and watched the snow fall down, it was so relaxing and peaceful. I am so happy I brought my birks - they were so easy to slide on whenever I needed to get out to cool down.


I've partnered with Backcountry to show you guys pieces from their Spring Collection. As most of you know, we have such a short summer in the Pacific Northwest, so you don't see a lot of posts of me wearing swim wear. To feel confident, I like swim wear that is practical for moving around in and playing in the water. I am obsessed with this Solid and Striped heigh waisted swim suit to adventure in - its so cute, unique and comfortable. I love the stripes and pop of color. 


After soaking in the springs for a good hour, I packed up everything and put it in my Fjallraven backpack. I dried off, suited up, and we headed down the trail back to the car. The adventure wasn't truly over until we had cruised down the road out of the snow and back into the infamous Portland rain.