Summertime Camping: My Favorite Gear / by Joelle Friend

During this time of year, I love sleeping outside underneath the stars. Nothing beats having fresh air while being tucked all cozy inside your sleeping bag. Because the weather was so nice in Washington, my mom and I decided go camping at a place we’d always go to when I was younger. It brought back so many memories of being young, barefoot and spontaneous with her.

I brought along all the gear I needed to enjoy a little car camping adventure, which is quite different than what i’m used to while backpacking and was so refreshing to not lug it on my back, haha :)! For this adventure, I brought the cutest pop up a frame tent from Ozark Trail from Walmart (its on sale right now), and a fold out chair to relax in, with the perfect cup holder to hold my water or beer.. or maybe even wine, heh. We found the best little meadow to set it up, and I made it nice and cozy with my plaid blanket, which has become one of my all time favorite things to keep in my car! I am so excited to share this because Ozark Trail has so many options for making the outdoors enjoyable and accessible for everyone, from large tents for families, to backpacking tents for your weekend getaway in the mountains. All the gear is so affordable and amazing quality, I definitely recommend everything I listed below! I wish I knew about this line when I got started in camping, I would of saved so much money and had great gear to adventure in.


During our little camping trip, I taught my mom how to work my camera and she had such a good time taking photos! We both laughed so much over tiny mistakes and she enjoyed it a lot. In the end, I agreed she will be a world class photographer some day. It was fun to bond over something I loved so much.


Thanks to Walmart for partnering with me on this adventure with my mom! As always, these opinions are always my own. :) To see my favorite items to bring car camping, I’ve included a link below for you guys! Happy trails!