Welcoming Fall in West Virginia / by Joelle Friend

The end of summer has been bit of a dreamy blur for me, constantly traveling and always on the go. I just got back from spending one month abroad in Europe, and was home for 3 days to be back on a plane to West Virginia. We arrived with fog, rain, and wind: autumn in our hair and fingertips.. I brought stylish cozy layers along with me: warm sweaters, a rain coat, and hats from Backcountry.com. My favorite thing to do is to look at their New Arrival section and find pieces that work well in the outdoors, but also are perfect for everyday wear. They have so many sales and great deals on clothes I love such as Fjallraven, Brixton, Patagonia, and Blundstone. Furthermore, I’m so happy to be back in my fall clothes, pieces of nostalgia that I missed so dearly this summer.


The first stop of the day was exploring a cute, organic, nonprofit farm called Wardensville Garden Market. We had the chance to walk around the farm, learn about their mission, and taste their delicious food straight from the farm and bakery. I studied a bit of agriculture in college, so it was nice to talk to the farmer about their goal to be the first organic farm in the county. As we walked around the farm, I noticed all around us, the deciduous trees were starting to to turn different colors. The weather in West Virginia has been a bit strange due to lots of sunshine and rain, so the colors weren’t in their full effect like they usually are this time of year. We went down to the fields and I got to ride around on their ATV, and of course swooned over all the adorable pumpkins everywhere.


We loaded up in the car and took an hour-long drive to Seneca Rocks, and finished the day with little hike—about 3 miles. The weather was humid and hot, but once we got to the top I put on my shell and kept my body a perfect temperature. I climbed a bit higher and saw rock climbers summiting the rock. The sun was out and hit my face, warming my whole body. It was a beautiful, serene moment. I was stoked to see wild places like this to visit in West Virginia. It made me so happy to finish off the day with a little bit of an adventure, and a place I haven’t seen photographed very often.


I don’t know about you but I always feel better wearing high quality clothes that are stylish yet functional, with that being said, I am so excited to share my discount code “JOELLE15” on Backcountry.com.

Thank you Issac Johnston and Allegra for helping me capture these photos.