Rattlesnake Ledge / by Joelle Friend

Before any photo shoot or hike, one of my favorite things to do is piecing together my outfits. Its so fun for me to research the landscapes and colors of my destination and decide what colors would compliment it. My favorite place to find the gear I need is hands down Backcountry.com. Not only do they have a wide selection of brands and styles, but you can get expert advice from their gearheads. They were SO helpful for me and made sure I got exactly what I needed for my hikes.  


My friends Bill, Nathaniel, and I decided to do a morning hike up to  Rattlesnake Ledge. Its not too hard of a trek at about 4 miles, so its a great option for catching sunrise without having to pull an all nighter. I woke up at 3:30am so I could meet the guys at 4:30am and start the hike. It was dark and a bit rainy as we arrived. We all decided that coffee was a good idea, as we had each only got 3 hours of sleep.

The sun was rising as we started making our way up coffee in hand. We talked about our ideas for the summer - hikes, gear, and road trips we've planned. 


As we neared the top of the ledge, we saw a thick layer of fog settling over the horizon, creating beautiful pastel hues while the birds sang their morning songs. Energy and excitement coursed through my body when got to the top. I quickly ran to the edge to take it all in and pulled out my phone to capture what I saw.


The sun got brighter and brighter, and the warmth greeted us. As I got warmer I took off my jacket and felt a light breeze cool me off. I was thankful that I wore light layers and a hat to shield me from the sun. 


Photos by Bill Kim 

I've linked each piece I wore on this hike as well as a few different style options to help you get ready for hiking season. Some of the items are selling out fast, so I linked other options as well. Their Memorial Day Sale is happening this weekend for deals up to 50% off!