One of my favorite lookouts in BC, Canada / by Joelle Friend

I haven’t been back up to BC for quite some time. It used to be a place i’d go to often, and it makes me sad I haven’t been able to go as much to visit friends. So this past weekend, I decided to make a little weekend getaway out of it and visit a new spot I have never been to. My friend Keaton and I went in this amazing blue Toyota for some 4x4 excursions and he took me to one of his favorite spots. We made a bonfire, roasted some hotdogs and both shot photos. Im was suprised how cold it was up in the mountains and I was so glad I brought lots of my winter gear to stay warm. I always make a silly joke that its always a bit colder once you cross the Washington boarder into BC. Most people make fun of me saying thats ridiculous but I swear its true.


To stay nice and toasty, I brought an array of layers and sweaters, as well as jackets and beanies. All my clothes for getting outside are from one of my favorite stores, a community and company of gearheads that are able to give you free advice on what to get for your next adventure! I know that in the beginning when I first started exploring the outdoors, I was a bit confused on what to get, so this service is amaaaazing.

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