My Favorite Place In The Grand Tetons / by Joelle Friend

One of my favorite things to do every fall is to see a new place and explore it when the color there is in full display— thats why Kyle and I decided to pack up the car and head out to The Grand Tetons. I have never been there before, and it was top on my bucket list. We made sure to pack lots of snacks, suitable clothes; such as my new favorite Fjallraven sweater and beanies, boots, cozy leggings for the chilly weather and comfortable for long car rides, and of course a big enough backpack to hold all my camera gear and lens’. We awoke and got some coffee, loaded up the car and headed out to a spot that turned out to be the highlight of the trip for me, Schwabacher’s Landing. I brought out my film camera and started shooting right when I got there, I saw so excited to finally see this place. I love how film slows you down a bit, I am so excited to see how to photos turn out. When I go on road trips, I try to pack light and bring the necessities, because sometimes it involves car camping and it makes my life a whole lot easier if I pack light.

Wyoming Backcountry2.jpg
Wyoming Backcountry5.jpg
Wyoming Backcountry6.jpg

After a bit of shooting and documenting, we sat and enjoyed the view and talked about how happy we were to be here. It turned out to be a really fun road trip and with lots of laughter, jokes, and singing to songs in the car. Until the next adventure!

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