Chasing the Golden Hue's of Spring / by Joelle Friend

The flowers and trees are blossoming, Spring has finally sprung up here in Washington. As the days get longer and longer, sunset is easier to take advantage of. It gets me so excited to be able to stay out and have time to explore more!

I got a text from Jack shortly after I got done with shooting something commercial for some photographers, and it was about 75 degrees outside. I was ready to do something fun but had no plans. He asked if I wanted to go catch sunset with him and Michael. It was last minute and unplanned, but I have realized some of the best experiences come from spontinuitity, and not having an agenda.

Jack and Michael were some of the first photographers I ever shot with. Due to our schedules and love for travel, its been hard to meet up with them as much as I used to. We talked and decided we needed to change that this Summer. 

We all jumped into Jack's new Land Cruiser and did some off roading near Snoqualmie. It's not a far drive from Seattle, but it allows you to get out of just enough to see mountain peaks and trees that align the highway for miles and miles.