I am back in Seattle, and it's Spring! / by Joelle Friend

I can't believe it is already April. Time frigging flies! It is already Spring and the sun is shining through my window as a write this and I am in shock. As some of you know, I live in Seattle, WA and we are always (what it feels like) under constant clouds and rain. 

Since I have been back from Europe, I have been taking care of my health again and trying to rest and give my body the attention it needs. While I was traveling, I felt like I constantly had a runny nose or sore throat (thanks Europe for all the delicious bread :) but it made me so sick!). After some much needed rest, I have enjoyed getting outside and enjoying the sun and of course that factors in being outside when its rainy as well. I wanted to share a little photo journal of my travels since being back in Seattle to catch everyone on up on what I've been up to after overcoming crazy jet lag!

Photos by  @zmelhus   

Photos by @zmelhus  

As my airplane landed, it was rainy and very cloudy. I made a quick stop in Seattle to do some much needed laundry and to pack for my next trip to BC. BC is starting to feel like my second home! I had such a fun time seeing some waterfalls, going on little hikes, and of course having a bonfire while it was raining a little. 


After being back from BC for a short trip, I did a lot more organizing, cleaning and self care. There are a lot of things that happen in daily life that are so boring and I don't talk about. A lot of catching up on e-mails, and a lot of cooking (I love home cooked meals). Maybe in another blog post I can talk about that if you guys are interested? Make a YouTube daily routine? 

I also had the chance to meet up with @samuelelkins while he was in Seattle. We decided to head out to Mt. Baker for sunrise. Afterwards, we went to this cute greenhouse. Most of our trips are spent talking about life, jamming to his awesome SoundCloud playlist, and visits to local cheap diners in small towns. 

Photos by  @samuelelkins

Photos by @samuelelkins


As Sam and I were driving in Baker, hot springs came into the conversation. He and I both laughed at the fact that we could squeeze it in if we woke up really early, to both try to cram it into our schedules. After a few minutes of talking about it and how cool it would be, we both started to actually take the idea seriously and decided on that day to maybe do it. We both laughed about getting up at 2am and knew it would suck, but be worth it at the same time (aren't sun rises always like that?). So we jetted down at 2am to make it there around 10am (a painfully long 6 hour drive with a few stops), fueled by a lot of Red Bull and coffee. It was a very misty and foggy day, perfect weather to escape the cold and soak in some springs!