Jeep Adventure to Snoqualmie Pass / by Joelle Friend

The best days are when you are surrounded by great friends and beautiful locations. This was one of them. Zack, Mason, Jack, and I decided to get out of Seattle (Its only a 40 minute drive guys!) and take the Jeep out to Snoqualmie Pass to visit Snoqualmie Falls and explore out towards Snoqualmie Ski Resort. We decided to have our first stop be Snoqualmie Falls. We packed our snow shoes, jackets and cameras and made our way down to the falls. 

The rocks were quite slippery, but I packed my sturdy boots and walked to the furthest point closest to the falls. It was so windy and cold but as you guys know, I am pretty stoked to be close to the elements. The water vapors from the falls were getting on my face and soon my pants were damp from the wind and water. Luckily we brought an extra raincoat to keep me dry. 

Our next stop was Snoqualmie Ski Resort. By this time, it was snowing and we got out to take photos. It was really nice to just walk around and watch the snow fall. It was so cold out, so I decided to take breaks inside the Jeep to warm my hands and stay cozy. 

I am really digging the classic old school sherpa jean jacket look, paired with some ripped jeans. The fur lining of the jacket kept me nice and toasty as well. 

As the lighting started to fade and the sun set, we tried flying the drone but it was too cold to fly.  After that, we all came to the conclusion to pack up and go back to Seattle. With these short winter days, I am getting excited for Spring and longer days to adventure. 


All photos taken by @zmelhus

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