The Journey Begins / by Joelle Friend

Hello guys! Heres to my first blog post! Writing and trying to articulate my words has always been so hard for me, so cheers to getting over fears and self judgement, and going for it. I am happy you took time out of your day to stop by and check this out, I know we all are so busy with our lives and the hustle, so thank you again for coming by and saying hi! 

For this blog, I wanted to create more content for you guys because there is so much more to my life then an Instagram post. I have thoughts and feelings, and I desire to connect with you on a deeper level. I want to share more about my adventures to different places, more photos from where I go and a brief explanation of what was going through my head during the trip. I want to create more of an experience. Like I said, writing is not my greatest strength, but I will try my best to showcase whats happening in my life. 

During the week, I plan out a lot of shoots with photographers to collaborate with, and adventure off to somewhere photogenic and beautiful. A lot of my life right now consists of photoshoots, so I can't wait to go into more detail here of what I am wearing, where I buy my clothes, what products I love using, and details on the destinations we explore to. I will blog about every photoshoot, and add more photos for you guys to see. 

For a little backstory on how I got started in all of this, I started from receiving a dm from a local photographer in the Seattle area. He said he found my page through the Seattle geotag and wanted to collaborate sometime. I said sure, because I needed a professional headshot. We met, and fell in love with the whole experience. Through him, I started following a lot of adventure photographers, lifestyle photographers, and models I aspired to. I saw they were doing things in their life that I was already doing but not showcasing. I love being outside, I love outdoor lifestyle, I love going on long road trips and getting lost in beautiful landscapes. So, I decided I would put more time in it to post more and be consistent. I networked a bunch, and used a lot of my free time to go on shoots with photographers, and my Instagram started growing more and more. I am overly thankful for the photographers who have worked with me and I wouldn't be here without them. Its been a fun journey so far and I can't wait to show you more! If you are new here, I would love to hear a bit about you and how you found my page. :) Have a wonderful rest of your day or night!